e|nough1 W1S1 [ıˈnʌf] adv [always after a verb, adjective, or adverb]
1.) to the degree that is necessary or wanted
Are the carrots cooked enough?
He just hadn't thought enough about the possible consequences.
You can go to school when you're old enough.
enough for
Is the water warm enough for you?
enough to do sth
Will Evans be fit enough to play?
The rooms are all large enough to take a third bed.
Surely no one would be foolish enough to lend him the money?
You're late. It's just not good enough (=not satisfactory or acceptable) .
2.) fairly but not very
I was happy enough in Bordeaux, but I missed my family.
He's a nice enough young man.
3.) bad/difficult/hard etc enough
used to say that a situation is already bad and you do not want it to get any worse
Life's difficult enough without you interfering all the time.
4.) lucky/unfortunate etc enough to be/do sth
used to say that someone is lucky or unlucky that something happens to them
They were unlucky enough to be caught in the storm.
5.) would you be good/kind enough to do sth?
spoken used to ask someone politely to do something for you
Would you be good enough to hold the door open?
6.) strangely/oddly/curiously etc enough
used to say that a fact or something that happens is strange or surprising
Strangely enough, I didn't feel at all nervous when I faced the audience.
7.) near enough
BrE spoken used when you are guessing a number, amount, time etc because you cannot be exact
The full cost comes to £3000, near enough.
fair enough atfair1 (14)
sure enough atsure2 (1)
enough 2
enough2 W2S1 determiner, pron
1.) as many or as much as is needed or wanted
Have I given you enough money?
Not enough is known about what happened.
enough for
There aren't enough chairs for everyone.
enough to do/eat etc
Erica was worried that the children weren't getting enough to eat.
enough (sth) to do sth
The police didn't have enough evidence to convict him.
He didn't even earn enough to pay the rent.
You've had more than enough time to make all the preparations.
enough to go round
(=enough of something for everyone to have some)
Do you think we've got enough pizza to go round?
not nearly/nowhere near enough informal (=much less than you need)
We only had $500, and that was nowhere near enough to buy a new camcorder.
time/reason/trouble etc enough
Come on - there'll be time enough to chat later.
2.) used to say that a situation is already bad and you do not want it to get any worse
She has enough problems without you two getting into fights.
I don't want to bother him - he has enough to worry about.
3.) have had enough (of sth)
spoken used to say you are tired or angry about a situation and want it to stop
When I got home I just sat down and cried. I'd had enough.
I've just about had enough of your stupid remarks.
4.) enough is enough
spoken used to say that something that is happening should stop
There comes a point when you say enough is enough.
5.) that's (quite) enough
spoken used to tell someone to stop doing something
Now, you two, that's quite enough. Sit down and be quiet.
6.) enough said
spoken used to tell someone that they do not need to say any more because you understand the point they are making
'He's the sort of man who wears a lot of jewellery.' 'Enough said.'
7.) can't get enough of sth/sb informal
to enjoy something so much that you want more and more of it
Her millions of fans can't get enough of her.
enough comes after adjectives, never before : This one is big enough (NOT enough big). | Is it warm enough for you?
enough usually comes before nouns : We haven't got enough time. |Are there enough plates?
Sometimes people use enough after nouns in particular expressions, but this is not very usual : There will be time enough for that later.
!! Nouns used with enough must be plural or uncountable, never singular : There aren't enough books (NOT enough book). | She has enough money to live on.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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